Menus + Shopping Lists

This is where you’ll find my menus and shopping lists for the weeks.  I’m going to make menus for Monday-Monday, and simply plan to make a day’s worth of juices in the morning. This way, come the following Monday when more produce is needed for the next Monday to Monday, I’ll have everything for that Monday’s juices, instead of trying to grocery shop, put groceries away, and make the juices. I guess that after the first initial Monday-Monday, it’ll become Tuesday-Monday really, because the first Monday will already be taken care of… I’m confusing myself trying to explain it! lol I hope you all know what I’m trying to say. >.<

Shopping Lists will be broken into two chunks. The first chunk for Monday-Thursday, the next chunk will be for Friday-Monday. The things that last long in the fridge will all be under Monday-Thursday.

Remember to be drinking water all day long. Before breakfast each day, have a glass of warm/hot water with lemon, and herbal teas after dinner in the evening. See my sidebar schedule if you’re confused. 🙂

I’m going to try to keep things as simple as possible, so that I don’t get burned out or overwhelmed/frustrated. You’ll see that I rotate a lot of the same breakfast juices for the week, and also my lunch and dinner juices are the same each day. If I start to find that I just can’t stand to drink the same thing twice in one day, I may save the lunch juice ffrom one day for the following day, and the same with dinner juices. This will be a learn as I go experience!


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