… and so it begins! (Pro Tips. lol)

Well, today is the day it all starts! I made a last hoorah dinner last night, and this morning I’m drinking my favorite breakfast juice so far (Blueberries for Breakfast). This way I can start the whole Adventure on a positive note! ;D

I almost threw all  my goals out of whack this morning. I stayed up much later than I had planned last night, and when the 6 o’clock alarm went off this morning I said to Mister, “I can’t get up… Reset the alarm for 8.” But then I lay there thinking, “I have to get up. I have to get up right now. I want change in my life, so I have to be that change. I will myself to get out of bed!” Then I hopped right up and started my day! I made my breakfast juice and my lunch and snack juice. Some how I managed to be all out of kale, so I wasn’t able to make my lunch and dinner juice. I’m making one juice be my First Snack and my Lunch juices, and then after I do some grocery shopping, I’ll make a Second Snack and Dinner juice. It wont be the same, but you’ve got to be flexible with your meal planning. I’m learning that on day one! lol

I had the most food desired dream last, I kept taking bites of people food and then reprimanding myself and spitting it out. It was so strange. I hadn’t even started Juice Only yet! I can tell this is going to be a tough journey!

I’m up for the challenge, who’s with me?! 😀


Things I learned this morning:

Don’t wear a white shirt while making juices.

Don’t watch a short funny movie clip at any time while drinking your juice, or you’ll inhale it, burp, gag, and choke until tears stream down your face.

Don’t drink 20 oz. of juice within 10 min. It’ll upset your tummy.



4 thoughts on “… and so it begins! (Pro Tips. lol)

  1. Congrats! I’m with you all the way, Freckles! Just posted an update to my day 1 blog post, too. Been a busy and exciting day! Good luck! (I’m so proud of you for rolling out of bed so early! You’re my hero!) 🙂 ❤

  2. I’ve just recently started juicing. I started with 2 meal replacement juices and 1 salad or soup for a week. I decided that it wasn’t too bad and then I decided to do a juice fast of which I am now on my 2nd day. I’m shooting for a minimum 7 day fast but may go up to 21 or 30 days depending on everything:)
    I’m no expert by any means but from what I have read (tons) you probably shouldn’t be doing as much exercise as you’ve done. Maybe just 15-30 of walking if even that. Your body needs to rest and start the healing process in the first few days.
    Hang in there and we will get thru this.
    PS: I was called away on a family emergency today just as I was preparing my lunch juice….long story short…my family needed to eat at a local cafe and the special was ‘Mama’s Fried Chicken’. I was strong and just had a glass of tea while my bunch ate! I promised myself that when I was thru fasting that I would go back for a celebration dinner!

    • Thanks, Knight, for the info! I feel like I might have pushed my body too hard today. I was just so gung-ho about it all! I will definitely tone it down to 15-30 min. of light walking. I hadn’t even thought of my body needing to rest in order for it to heal. I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention.
      Ooooh boy, I love fried chicken. That’s great that you were able to be strong! Keep at it as I’m sure we’re all going to have plenty of temptation along the way! 😀 It’ll just make that celebration dinner so much better! Or you may even find that you don’t want to go there after all once you’ve finished your fast! I’ve heard that people’s tastes can drastically change!

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