I love modern day refrigeration

After washing the dishes, and drinking most of my juice this morning, I decided I should really organize my fridge. It gets kind of hard to find stuff in there when you have a bunch of stuff and it’s all in produce bags. All you see is a wall of plastic when you look in my fridge. But not anymore!

IMG_6998_small            IMG_7032_small
Ok, ok, so it doesn’t look much better, but believe me, it is a lot easier for me to find stuff now without having to dig around.

Would you believe, we’re two people and we buy our maple syrup by the gallon? I’m pretty sure if you were to cut me open, you’d find maple syrup running through my veins.

Mister isn’t doing a Juice Only Fast with me, so I still have to feed him, that’s why there’s meat, eggs, and milk in the fridge.


3 thoughts on “I love modern day refrigeration

  1. What a great post and an AWESOME fridge! Good on you for getting it organized! I can tell a difference for sure!

    Loved the maple syrup comment! lol 🙂

    Wow, you are super energetic today! Good for you! Obviously the juicing you’ve been doing is already giving you lots and lots of energy! I’m impressed!

    My sweet hubby isn’t doing the full fast with me, either! He did agree to try a few of the juices but definitely will not commit to going juice only for any extended period of time. He loves his Little Debbie muffins, cupcakes and cookies too much!

    You are much nicer about grocery shopping for all the schtuff your Mister wants to eat. I had to explain to my hubby that I’m not sure I can handle touching all the forbidden food that I can’t have on my juice fast to grocery shop for him or make him a meal. So, he’s going to have to buy his own schtuff & make his own meals while I’m fasting.

    Seriously, I don’t think I could make him sandwiches while I fasting and not lick the mayo or mustard off the butter knife or sneak a piece of lunch meat. Know what I mean? I’m weak. I have some serious food addictions habits I need to kick. He’s said that he’s okay with it all but I know my man. He’ll just double up on the cupcakes and muffins and other snacks to avoid going into the kitchen and actually making something to eat. (He’s kinda spoiled and a bit lazy when it comes to THAT. My fault, really.) It’s a real dilemma for me, as I feel soooo guilty about it but I have to put myself first. But…that’s the whole point of my “The Year of ME!” Sigh….

    Later, gator! 🙂 ❤

    • Patti, I have been unreasonably energetic today! I could almost slap myself just to get it together! lol

      I may find that I just can’t shop and cook for him as well as juice. It would so easy to snack on what I’m cooking without even realizing I’m doing it! I’m going to try, but I definitely know what you mean! We’ll just have to see how it all works out come tomorrow! 😀

      ❤ Freckles

      • I can’t wait to get that kind of energy again! It will be wonderful. I’ll probably drive my sweet hubby crazy! lol 🙂

        I know what you mean about mindless eating. You are very brave to handle the “other food” while on your fast! I know I couldn’t do that at first. Maybe later once I’m used to it but I think it would still be hard for me. My sweet hubby’s on his own until I get through the next 60 days unless he changes his mind and goes full bore on the fast with me (which would be a miracle!). He really needs it, too, as he suffers from so much chronic pain and digestive issues. But, he’s stubborn and doesn’t believe that juice fasting will help him. I’m watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead again tonight to get super motivated. I asked him if he wanted to watch it with me and his reply was, “Oh, God! NO!” Sigh….

        Very excited about tomorrow. I’m researching local Farmers Markets here in Lawrence (Kansas) during the winter months right now. Really would love to be able to get my produce from local farmers if I can….I found one that’s being held indoors each Thursday from 04:00 – 06:00 PM so I guess I’ll have to check it out and see what it’s like. I haven’t been to any of the Farmers Markets since we moved here in 2009. Walmart is just so convenient (right across the street from us). 🙂

        Good luck tomorrow! 🙂 ❤

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