Meat + Potatoes Kind of Gal

As you can tell from the featured image of this post, and the title, fresh green foods aren’t high on my priority list. I love fruit, I just don’t eat fresh fruit often enough. Vegetables are a different story… I’ve always scoffed at vegetarians/vegans (yes, I know they’re different).

Lately, my hair is lackluster, my nails are brittle, and my skin has been breaking out. I’ve found that I feel sluggish, and my body feels like sludge. I’m not content with my weight, and I just don’t feel healthy.  Soooo, insert juicing diet.

My husband and I saw Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead a little over a year ago, and I was really impressed by Joe’s story but thought, “I could never do that sort of thing. I love meat and potatoes, and besides, I have no need to do it.” Well, forever and a day later, I want in on all of the health benefits that I read people are experiencing, and truth be told, I’d like to drop a few pounds too.

Once I order my juicer, and after I receive it, I’m going to buy a bunch of veggies and fruit, and start cold turkey. I don’t smoke or drink coffee or drink alcohol regularly, so I’m not worried about any hardcore withdrawal.  My main problem would probably be processed sugar. I love sweets, but I haven’t even eaten many sweets as of late. So I’m not foreseeing any issues. This can also just be my naivety talking… haha!

I’ve been scouring the internet for juice recipes, information and guides. I want to know ahead of time how much to drink, and when to drink what. I can’t jump into something blindly. Usually I find though that with most things it becomes a learn what’s best as you go.

As soon as I receive my juicer, I intend to embark on a 30-60 Day Juicing Adventure. I say “30-60 day” because after 30 days I’m going to evaluate and see how my body is feeling. If I think I can go longer, then I’ll try for the 60 days. Wish my luck!


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